Rental Management Services

Fort Park Property Management offers different levels of services to suit your specific property management needs. We realize that not everyone is the same, and we tailor our services to meet your needs.

Property Management Service: Our standard monthly rate is 10% of gross rents collected (minimum of $150 per month).We charge 50% of the first month’s rent as a lease-up fee to get your place rented out.  This includes all costs associated with advertising your property, and finding you a great tenant!

Property Management Lease-Up Service without monthly management: We offer a service to find and place great tenants in your unit, then after that you can take over managing the unit yourself. We charge 100% of the first month’s rent for this service (minimum of $1495).

Property Management Checkup Service: Although not included in our basic package, we will gladly drive to your property and check up on it for you. This would include notifying the tenant and doing an inspection both inside and outside the unit. We charge $100 per checkup anywhere in the lower mainland. We can do these on a monthly or quarterly basis if you wish.

Property Management Maintenance Services: We charge $50/ hour for any labour that any employee of Fort Park Property Management incurs plus supplies at cost plus 10%. If we need to contract out the maintenance, we charge a 10% upcharge to cover the time spent supervising the maintenance and the paperwork.

Property Management Fully Furnished Services: We offer long term (6 months or greater) fully furnished services in downtown Vancouver and Kitsilano. We charge 100% of the first months rent for a lease-up, and 10% of monthly gross rents collected for this service (minimum of $150 per month). We do not currently offer short term leasing services, or fully furnished services outside of Vancouver’s core.

Property Management Vacation/ Property Services: We do provide other services not included here as well. Please call or email for more details.

Non-resident withholding tax services: We offer monthly remittance services to CRA and your accountant. We will file NR6 and NR4 forms on your behalf for a fee.

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