A key to property management- finding a good handyman!

Property Management can be a pretty tough gig at times. Dealing with tenants can be a real nightmare if you choose the wrong one, and there are simply many, many things outside of your control that can go wrong on any given day.

Having said that, there are several things that can make your life as a property manager much, much easier. This would apply if you are doing rental property management, strata property management, or condo property management. One of those is finding a good handyman!

Why do property managers need a good handyman?

A good handyman is like gold! Once you find one, you never want to let him or her go! You will find that there are always odd jobs to be done; caulking, drywall repair, minor plumbing and electrical issues, adjusting door frames, replacing missing baseboards, painting, etc. Sometimes these jobs are so small that it won’t justify calling in a specialist such as plumber, electrician, or painter, but when you add it all up, there is more than enough work to bring in a generalist for a day or two. Hiring a handyman will be a much better use of your time, and budget dollars!

How to find a good handyman

That’s great, but how do you go about finding a handyman? We have found most of our handymen through referrals from other real estate investors and professionals.

Other places to look include;

Craigslist and Kijiji

The handyman van. I can’t tell you how many handymen we have found by simly seeing their work van parked on the side of the road, writing down their number, and calling them up afterward. Old school advertising that really works.

Google search- this works too, of course, but look for guys that appear on the 2nd and 3rd pages of Google. If they rank too high, they’re likely too damn busy to work with you!

How to keep a good handyman

Keep them busy with jobs, and keep in touch with them! Don’t lose their number or contact info, or you may never track them down again!

Pay them right away! A good handyman will have many customers, and likely more business than they can handle after awhile. Pay them promptly, instead of waiting 30 days, and they will be eager to work with you again.

What to look for in a handyman

Try to find someone who has been at it awhile. Referrals are great. If his prices are too low, be careful, as he is likely more fly by night. Someone who charges a bit more will be able to sustain their business, which ultimately will lead to a longer and more successful business operation.

Looking for some help with condo, strata, or rental management? Reach out to our Vancouver Property Management Company here!

Chris Stepchuk, July 2019



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