About Us

Fort Park Property Management and Real Estate are a team of experienced real estate investors and managers. We provide property management and strata management services, and are licensed realtors. We work across the Greater Vancouver area in Vancouver, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, New Westminster, Port Moody and Coquitlam. We also offer services for properties located in remote locations throughout BC.


Chris Stepchuk is an avid real estate investor and is incredibly passionate about everything and anything to do with real estate. He has been active in the real estate market since 2003, when he purchased his very first revenue property. He loves the creative financing aspect of investing, rehabbing worn out properties and making them look new, and particularly sharing his ideas and experiences with others. Chris is a member of REIN, a group of real estate investors who are known for taking action.

Originally from Edmonton, Alberta, he and his brother built up a good sized portfolio of residential real estate in a relatively short period of time during the Alberta boom. Along the way, he gained a lot of experience in managing rental properties. Using various property management companies to help look after his portfolio in addition to managing his own, he quickly learned what he liked and didn’t like about what services property managers were offering.

Upon moving to Vancouver in 2005, Chris began using the same formula in B.C. and teamed up with his long time friend and business partner Joel Murdoch. They soon began purchasing, renovating, and managing their own rental properties. In the summer of 2008, Joel and Chris decided to use their extensive knowledge and experience to help out other investors and owners with their property management and strata management needs. Thus, Fort Park Property Management was born, and they haven’t looked back since!

In 2010, Fort Park started to focus on Strata Management, identifying the growing trend of condo living taking place in Vancouver. They have since built up a great team of enthusiastic staff who work out of their Richmond office, and now focus most of their time in the strata world. Fort Park utilizes a unique combination of technology, responsiveness, pragmatism, professionalism, transparency, and a team approach to strata management that is quite unique in the industry. They consider themselves to be business advisors, helping BC strata corporations run like efficient small businesses should.


What does the name mean?

We get asked this exact question by our clients all the time. Fort Park is actually the name of the Kindergarten/Elementary school that the company’s founders attended WAY back in the early 80s growing up in Fort Saskatchewan just outside of Edmonton. Long since torn down and turned into a shopping centre, it still brings a warm smile to the faces of those who remember it, and is very symbolic of their roots. We felt that it made a good name for a Real Estate company for a couple of reasons. First of all, a Fort signifies security, strength, and stability; very important in the real estate management world. Secondly, a Park symbolizes a place for people to live and play with their children and families, as well as our commitment to using less paper and keeping things as green as we can.