Why Choose Fort Park For Your Vancouver Property Management Needs?


We’re small and agile. We specialize in managing properties that no one else wants to. Whether it’s a single family home with a basement suite, or a bachelor apartment, we won’t turn you away because your portfolio is too small or we don’t feel like driving that far when the road conditions are poor.

Most companies want just the “big fish”, but we’re hungry and want all of the fish!

Our primary focus is on YOU and managing YOUR real estate, not on soliciting listings and making commissions.

We’re real estate investors, too. As investors, we understand YOUR needs. We know how frustrating it can be to have YOUR rental property sit vacant for two months, to not hear from YOUR property manager when there’s an issue, or to not receive YOUR monthly rental payment and statement on a timely basis. Rest assured, we understand and can empathize.

We have real street-honed skills that were learned managing rental properties, not just in a classroom.

We will treat your property as if it was our own.

Communication. We believe that communication is the key to successful property management. YOU need to be kept in the loop and advised of any news, even if the news isn’t always good. We need to be 100% accountable to you!

Deal directly with the owners of the brokerage. With Fort Park Property Management you will be dealing directly with an owner of our company.

Property management is not just an afterthought for us. Unlike many other property management companies, our primary business isn’t selling real estate, which for most brokerage houses is their bread and butter. Although we are licensed to trade in real estate, we are a property management company first and foremost.

We are a fully licensed brokerage under the Real Estate Council of British Columbia, as are our property managers. Our company is fully bonded and insured by the Real Estate Errors and Omissions Corporation.

We offer top quality, boutique service tailored to the specific needs of your strata building.

Fort Park Property Management and Real Estate specializes in smaller condos and buildings, as well as commercial strata corporations. Even if your small strata corporation consists of only 5 units, we’ll gladly handle it for you.

We think you’ll find our prices to be extremely competitive given our low overheads and cost structure.

We see things from the eyes of individual strata owners. We continue to own and operate our own rental properties in stratified buildings, so we know what it feels like to be in your shoes. A good chunk of our portfolio is in strata buildings managed by different management companies. We also sit on strata council in a number of these buildings, giving us an even more unique perspective on things.

We’re an environmentally conscious company. We try to use as little paper as possible, by emailing out notices instead of mailing them, and paying invoices electronically instead of mailing out cheques. Bottom-line; this saves you and your strata corporation money by eliminating postage, photocopying charges, cheque fees, etc.

We’re strata management experts. We understand how buildings run from a financial, and operational side. We’re experts in dealing with contractors, tenants, insurers and owners.

We help take the emotion out of strata management. Sitting on council, dealing with other owners who are also your neighbours can be an extremely emotional task. We realize this, and try to keep everyone’s emotions in check by using our experience to provide rational solutions to potentially heated situations.

Why Choose Fort Park for your Vancouver strata management needs?