Edmonton’s best neighbourhoods for real estate investors

What are the best neighbourhoods in Edmonton for cash flow investors?

This article is a follow-up to the one I wrote regarding Edmonton’s worst neighbourhoods. As mentioned in that article, we personally like to invest in the rougher patches of town, as the returns tend to be slightly higher.

Having said that, we know that not everyone likes to invest in transitional areas, particularly if they are just starting out, and don’t have a tried and tested property management team in place. If you are going to invest in areas with tougher tenant profiles, solid property management is absolutely critical!

If you’re looking for good neighbourhoods with solid cash flow for your rental properties, these are the ones that we recommend. They are listed in no particular order;

1. Bonnie Soon

2. Allendale

3. Ritchie

4. Hazeldean

5. King Edward

6. Idylwylde

7. Avonmore

8. ParkAllen

9. Queen Mary Park

10. Westmount

11. Inglewood

12. Highlands

13. Strathearn

14. Forest Heights

15. Parkallen

Why did we choose these Edmonton areas? Well, they provide a great balance of potential equity upside, cash flow, and easier tenant profiles. Are there areas with better cash flow? Yes! Are there areas that are much nicer? Yes! But these areas are older neighbourhoods with infill properties going up all over the place, and won’t break the bank like some of the ritzier Edmonton areas.

Here is the article that I wrote regarding Edmonton’s worst neighbourhoods for real estate investors.

Looking for some help with rental property management, or for help buying or selling your investment property? Reach out to our property management company and realty company here!



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