How do strata corporation sections work?

Strata sections are pretty confusing, and as a result we have our strata management clients asking us about this one all the time.

What is a strata corporation section?

Basically, sections are legal entities either created by the developer when the strata corporation is filed with land titles, or by a strata corporation with a ¾ vote resolution at a general meeting.

They act like mini strata corporations within a strata so to speak, with their own executive and powers. Similar to how the City of Vancouver or Burnaby would work with their own Council under the BC Provincial Government.

Strata Sections will have their own strata bylaws, their own accounts, their own budgets and their own contracts with strata management companies, contractors, etc, just like any strata corporation would. They also have their own AGM’s, minutes, Forms to issue, etc.

When would you see strata sections?

Generally you see them in mixed-use buildings. For example, a mixed use residential and commercial building might have an elevator that is only used by the residential building, and a trash compactor that is only used by the commercial owners.

You could also see them in a building that has a tower of apartment style condos, and separate townhouse stratas.

If you have any questions concerning strata management, or sections in particular, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our strata management company!



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