How to Choose the Best Property Management Company in Vancouver to manage your strata

Selecting a strata management company to manage your Vancouver strata property is a huge choice that you will have to make as a strata council member. When making this decision, which is generally a group decision, here are 5 things to take into consideration;

The top 5 things to look at when hiring the best property management company in Vancouver

1. Do you get along with the strata agent that is assigned to you? First and foremost, Strata Management is a people business, and if personalities clash right off the bat, then it’s going to be difficult to build a good, working relationship.

2. Find out what kind of turnover your strata management company experiences. Even if you get along well with the strata agent, and he or she seems really competent, are they going to be around in 6 months, or are you going to be stuck with a brand new manager again?

3. Ask for references! I’m always shocked how often we get hired without anyone from strata council asking for references. Do your due diligence, and find out who you are dealing with by calling a few other strata buildings that they currently manage.

4. Check to see if they are members of any industry organizations. Not that this is critical by any means, but are they members of PAMA or CHOA? What about the Better Business Bureau?

5. Does the strata management company you’re considering offer anything in terms of a portal or website for the owners? This can be a great way of making sure that documents are easily accessible, and that communication is flowing between all parties. Sure, some stratas still prefer mail, but we are finding that most millenials prefer having a single, easy to access source for their information.

If you take these 5 things into consideration when doing your search for a Vancouver strata management company, you will no doubt find just the right one!

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