Protect your Strata Manager!

Some great advice for small strata corporations to make things work with their strata manager!

This excellent article was written by Brent Anderson

Small stratas are in a tough position.
They often receive poorer service, and more often are terminated.
There is an easy fix to all this.
Protect your strata manager!
It is an unenviable position for a small strata (<40 units) to be terminated and have to seek new management.
There are three reasons to terminate a client:

  1. Low revenue
  2. Generate more work than is reasonable
  3. Create unnecessary headaches
    Many companies will tolerate 2 & 3 if a property is generating high revenue, but If you’re checking off all three on the list, that’s a fast track to a google search for new strata management companies.
    Where council comes in is to keep points 2 & 3 to a minimum.
    Under point 2 this looks like
  • Stop copying the manager in on all council email conversations
  • Stop asking for multiple quotes for low dollar value projects
  • Stop withholding vendor payments for completed works
  • Obscene amount of violation letters to be sent
    Under point 3 this looks like
  • Stop being petty. Your manager was at your property 3 months ago solving a fire alarm panel issue but last week the minutes were late a couple days
  • Stop bullying behaviour. A rude person can be asked to leave a store. On a council they cause other members to quit, but your manager is still stuck with them. Stick up for your manager.
  • Stop asking them to do work unsupported by majority council decision
  • Stop condescending to them because of their age or gender (yes this happens)



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