Social Distancing and Property Management

Social distancing is without a doubt the new buzzword of 2020, and if you are involved in the management of your strata complex as a council member, you are no doubt receiving complaints about people “not following the rules.”

Should Strata Council be enforcing social distancing rules?

This is great question. Our stance with the strata and condo properties that we manage is “no.” The reality is that you will be opening a huge can of worms if you choose to police and enforce these ever-changing laws. What is a rule one day, may be amped up or eased off in a week from now, and just staying on top of the rule changes can be daunting. It’s really up to the Strata Council to manage their building according to the Strata bylaws, and adding these ever changing rules to your bylaws doesn’t really make much sense since it can take months to go through the process of calling an SGM, and actually adding new bylaws.

So what can you do to manage social distancing?

Our advise is to make recommendations to the owners and tenants in your strata building, based on Health Canada guidelines, and have them police themselves. It’s not a perfect system, but one that has proven to be more effective in the long run, even on a national level.

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