Strata Management- Why Obtain 3 Quotes?

If you’re involved with the Strata Council at all in your building, then you have no doubt heard before that most jobs should have 3 separate quotes from 3 different contractors. But why, and is this really necessary to effectively and efficiently manage your strata building? After all, obtaining 3 quotes can take a lot of time and effort to do.

Here are the top 3 reasons why it is necessary to obtain 3 quotes for strata management.

1. To keep everyone honest. Even if you have been working with a certain contractor for years and trust their work, everyone needs to be kept honest. Sometimes their prices will start to creep up, and by obtaining competitive quotes, you can ensure that you’re not getting a rotten deal.

2. Some quotes are just ridiculous. Very often, you will find that one or perhaps two of the quotes are either way too high, or way too low. For example, if two quotes come in for the same job at $10,000, and one for $20,000, then you can dig further and make sure that the $20,000 quote is in fact quoting on the same job specifications.

3. Many contractors will quote high if they simply don’t want the business. We see this happen all the time when the market is really hot, and the contractor simply can’t handle any more business. They will quote high, not really wanting the job unless someone is willing to pay a premium. Don’t let that customer willing to pay a premium simply because the contractor is busy be you!

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