The Top 5 reasons for leaving your management company

We get it. Breaking up is NEVER fun, but sometimes it’s just the right to do!

Here are the top 5 reasons that we hear on a when Strata Councils reach out to us.

You’ve been fired. This is probably the # 1 thing that we hear. Your current strata management company is simply too busy and doesn’t have the resources to carry on handling your strata building. This is the sad reality of the current market as there are too many stratas being built, and not enough licensed and trained strata professionals to handle them all.

Too much strata agent turnover. With the shortage of licensed strata agents in the market right now, it’s easy for them to get poached by competing strata management companies. Add to this that many strata agents simply quit during the first year due to the stresses and demands of the job, and you have a recipe for high turnover! This can be exacerbated if you’re a smaller building, where you will usually end up being used as a “training ground” for new strata management licensees.

The Strata Agent doesn’t return my calls. This is a common one. Depending on the size of their portfolio, it’s no uncommon for an agent to receive 300+ emails in a day. Just answering all of those emails can be a monumental task, never mind the fact that they may receive immediate replies to their emails which just creates even more volume!e result can be long waits to hear back from your agent, or no response at all!

Accounting. We hear about a lot of accounting horror stories from potential clients! Invoices paid late, expenses incorrectly coded, financial statement errors! These problems usually stem from system failures, human error, and simply volume overload!

No follow up to action items after the meetings. You’ve just had a great meeting with your strata council and strata agent! You’ve identified about 5 key takeaway action items, and everything seems great. The minutes get sent out to the owners identifying those directives a week later, and everyone “appears” to be on the same page! A month then goes by, and you don’t hear anything. Then another month, and still nothing. What happened here???

If you can relate to any of these scenarios, and you’re contemplating a strata management switch, reach out to us here today to see if we can offer you any advice.



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