Top 5 complaints about Strata Management Companies

As a company that provides strata management services, we hear a lot of complaints from strata councils looking to switch from their current strata management company over to ours.

Here are the top 5 strata management complaints in no particular order. These are very consistent gripes that we hear across the board!

The Top 5 strata management complaints.

1. Employee turnover. With so many strata buildings popping up in the Vancouver area these days, good strata agents are in hot demand! Add to this the fact that it’s a pretty tough job, and this equals quite a bit of employee turnover. No strata council wants to be going through their 3rd manager in 4 years, but this is today’s reality. If you’re hiring a strata management company, be sure to ask them about this.

2. Lack of Communication. In any business, and in particular the strata management world, lack of communication is a killer! Make sure that you are very clear with your strata management company about expectations so that no one is disappointed at the end of the day!

3. Lack of Transparency. This is a biggie that we hear again and again. Strata Owners want to know what’s going on, so ask your strata management company how they are ensuring that owners are kept in the loop in terms of financial statements, upcoming projects, etc. Technology can really help smooth this one out!

4. Lack of follow up. Strata Councils can become very frustrated when items that are decided upon during meetings are not followed up on. This can be for minor or major things, but make sure that your strata manager has an attention to detail when it comes to follow up.

5. Contractor blues. Dealing with contractors in the current hot Vancouver real estate environment can be very tough, and very frustrating. Make sure that you hire a Strata Manager who has good relationships with the trades, and that understands how the trades work so that everyone is on the same page.

These are the top 5 things that we hear as Strata Agents on a continual basis, and as service providers, we try to understand and eliminate to the best of our abilities.

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