The flooring secret that every property management company needs to know!

Increase the cash flow of your Vancouver rental property.

What’s the best way to boost the performance of your rental property? By increasing your rent, and decreasing your expenses, right? With Vinyl plank flooring, you can do both at the same time!

Here are the reasons that we recommend vinyl plank flooring to any property management company, and are installing it in all of our rental properties in Vancouver and Edmonton.

Why use vinyl plank flooring for your rental property?

  • It looks awesome! Vinyl plank flooring looks like hardwood, and is available in many different contemporary colours and styles to suit your rental property. Tenants will love the modern look that it conveys.
  • It’s pretty much indestructible. This flooring is tenant proof; you can soak it with water, have dogs pee on it, wear shoes on it, drop heavy objects on it, etc., and it will stand up to all of those things and more! Try doing any of those things with laminate, carpet, or even ceramic tile.
  • It’s easy to install. You don’t even need to glue it all down!
  • It’s easy to replace. If you do happen to ruin a piece, simply pull it out and replace with a new one. Try doing that with carpet or even laminate!
  • It’s easy to clean! Vacuum to pick up the dirt, and give it a quick wipe down. Both tenants and property mangers will find it super easy and efficient to clean.

We highly recommend getting rid of your old flooring once it’s in need of replacing, and installing vinyl plank. Yes, it will cost you slightly more up front, but in the long term will be well worth it as a cash flow booster!

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