What makes a good strata agent? Top 5 required skills for strata managers.

We get asked this question quite often, and for good reason! With the huge and ever growing demand for licensed strata agents and property managers throughout BC, many people are looking at obtaining their license, and starting a career in the strata management world! Some would be just coming out of school, newcomers to Canada, and some looking for a career change.

What makes a good strata agent, and is this the career for you?

Here are the top 5 skills that strata agents should possess:

  1. Organizational Skills. You MUST be an organized person.
  2. Customer service oriented. You MUST want to help people, and be exceptional at customer service.
  3. The ability to multitask. You will have many things flying at you all at the same time. The ability to prioritize and to take care of multiple tasks simulaneously is very important.
  4. Attention to detail. As they say, the Devil is in the details, and Strata Management is no different.
  5. Good communication skills. You will be required to answer hundreds of emails per week, and to present in front of large groups of people. Strong written and oral communication skills are very important to becoming a good Strata Agent.

Just for good measure, I am going to throw in a 6th critical skill;

  • A willingness to learn. Becoming a good strata agent can take years. There is so much to learn, between the ever changing Strata Property Act Legislation, the intricacies of building maintenance, and the financial acumen to decipher financial statements and create budgets.

It’s almost like you’re expected to be a Strata Lawyer, Engineer, Maintenance Manager, and Accountant all in one! 🙂

If you think that Strata Management, and becoming a Condo Manager might be the career for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for some free advice on how to get started! Contact us here!



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