What should be included in the strata council meeting minutes?

This article may be useful for BC Strata Councils, particularly smaller strata corporations who are self- managing their strata property. Very often Strata Councils will hire a professional Strata Management company, but will hold meetings on their own throughout the year to fill in the gaps as well.

So what should you include in your strata meeting minutes?

Basically, the minutes are designed to keep a written record of anything that was discussed or decided upon at the meeting. These minutes are to be distributed within two weeks of the meeting date.

Here is a list of things that we recommend you include in your strata council meeting minutes;

  • Strata corporation number
  • Date, time, and place that the meeting was held
  • Who was present at the meeting, including the strata agent if applicable
  • Adoption of the most recent strata council meeting minutes
  • Review of the most recent financial statements
  • Action items; who agreed to do what, and within what time-frame?
  • Any rules that were voted in
  • Important discussions with Strata Owners
  • Any decisions pertaining to fines, warning letters, etc.
  • Date and time that your next Council meeting will be held
  • Time that the meeting was adjourned

This list is certainly not exhaustive, but will give you a good base for your next Strata Council meeting at the very least.

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