Where is the best place to advertise my rental properties?

Advertise your vacant rental properties online.

Whether you use a property manager, or are self-managing, advertising your vacant rental properties online is a critical component of property management.

Where is the best place to advertise your rental property? Well, that depends on the market that you’re in. Since we are a property management company operating primarily in Alberta and BC, those are the two markets that I will discuss in this article.

BC – rental property websites

For BC, at least right now, it’s pretty easy fill vacancies. Keep in mind that this wasn’t the case even back in 2011-2014, and won’t be the case forever. The # 1 place to advertise rental properties in BC and Vancouver’s lower mainland is on Craigslist. It’s completely free, and it works like a charm! No other rental website can even come close to the effectiveness of Craigslist for the Vancouver market.

Alberta – rental property websites

For Alberta, where the vacancy rates are still quite high at the moment, your best bet is Kijiji. Again, it’s free, but only if you have 2 listings. If you have more than 2 vacant rental properties, you will then have to create multiple accounts. There are so many vacant properties listed on Kijiji in Alberta right now, that you will have to repost your ads at least daily, and ideally 2-3 times per day for maximum results. We have also had very good results from Rentboard.ca. This is a pay site, but very inexpensive and it works!

Hopefully you can use this information to help keep your rental properties nice and full! Looking for help in renting out your rental property? Please contact our property management company for a free, no obligation chat!



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