Why are strata video meetings better than in person meetings?

Are strata video meetings here to stay?

As our world has been turned on it’s head due to Covid-19, society as a whole has been forced to make some monumental changes. Some of these changes are likely to remain in place permanently after the current pandemic ends. 

One of the big changes has been meetings. Due to government restrictions on travel, physical distancing, and group gathering sizes, business have been forced to quickly adapt to video meetings. The technology has been there for several years now, but many were slow to adapt to this modern convenience.

Our property management company had been trying to move toward video meetings for the past year or so, but most Strata Council’s were reluctant to move toward adopting this new technology. Unlike many other Vancouver strata management companies that postponed and cancelled meetings in March and April, we quickly pushed forward with moving everything over to video. Sure, there were some initial technical issues to resolve, but overall it was a positive experience for most of our clients.

Now that the Government has eased certain restrictions, in person meetings can be held once again, but should they be? Our opinion is that all strata meetings should be held via video, and here are the top 5 reasons as to Why;

Top 5 reasons why your strata should hold video meetings

  1. No travel required. Instead of driving to the strata meeting location, you can simply meet from the convenience of your own home, or even your vehicle (not while driving, of course.)
  2. It’s safer! While one can debate just how dangerous Covid-19 really is, there is no denying that being in your own personal space and not surrounded by others is at least somewhat safer when it comes to transmitting viruses.
  3. Video meetings make it easy to remember what happened. Video meetings can be recorded, so this helps cut down on confusion when it comes to noting accurate minutes.
  4. Increased attendance. Oftentimes Strata Corporations have a tough time making quorum. Owners have a million excuses as to why they can’t attend meetings, but the convenience of video meetings generally tends to eliminate many of those. We have found that generally video meetings have higher attendance than in-person meetings.
  5. More economical. Video meetings are usually free, unless you are paying for a Zoom subscription or something of that nature. No more having to book a community centre for your AGM!

As you can see, the benefits of holding video strata meetings tend to outweigh the downsides. We challenge you to even find a downside!

Looking for some help running your meetings? Reach out to our Vancouver Property Management company today!

Watch the video here;




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