Why the current education system for Strata Agents is grossly inadequate

Inadequate is a strong word, but I only use this word because it’s true!

The current Education system for licensing BC Strata Agents isn’t nearly comprehensive enough to deal with what you are going to be dealing with in the field!

While “learning on the job” after a few weeks or months of training is the industry norm currently, this certainly doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of what you will need to know if you’re going to be managing multimillion dollar assets!

This current system also relies upon the Strata Management company to train and teach you, essentially paying for your education while you “learn on the job.”

The UBC Sauder course is heavy in theory, and light in practical applications. You will also find it more geared toward realtors (Trading), as opposed to actual “Strata Management”.

What’s the solution to this problem? I believe that there should be a one-two year comprehensive College Course developed through BCIT, or another technical school. Imagine a course schedule with classes such as:

“Running an effective AGM” whereby you actually run AGM’s in front of your peers.

“Dealing with insurance claims”, 

“Accounting for strata managers”, or

“Building systems” whereby you actually go onsite and learn what a boiler does, or what an HVAC system looks like.

Education costs would be borne by the Student, instead of relying upon private companies (Strata Management companies) to subsidize with training new recruits. This would lead to more new licensees coming into to the industry with enough practical skills to hit the ground running, and would lead to a much better experience for most Strata Clients.

Evert other industry seems to have training like this, so I’m not quite sure ours doesn’t, other than people aren’t really even aware that it exists yet!

It’s time to change this industry for the better! Reach out to us here if you agree!



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